Newcastle Pet Care
31 Walton Place, Newcastle-under-Lyme,
Staffordshire, ST5 7PR

Tel: 07946 526323

Dog Walking & Pet care Services
Across Stoke-on-Trent & Newcastle-under-Lyme


  • 1/2 hour group walk £5, 2nd dog same family home is extra £3
  • 1 hour group walk £8 2nd dog same family home £5
  • Half a day dog sitting £9.50 (3.5 hours)
  • A full day dog sitting £12 (7 hours)
  • Home visit £4.50
  • 1/2 hour single walk £8
  • 1 hour single walk £10
  • "Saturday service" £12.
  • " Furry Towers" ..1 rabbit £4.50 each day, 2nd rabbit an extra £1 a day.
  • Guinea Pigs £2.50 each day, 2nd Guinea Pig an extra £0.50p

Special Offers!

Special Offers for OAP's and Direct Debit Payments.

OAP special offer

A reduction will apply to OAP's who require one of our services before 11.00 and after 15.00.
Please call 07946526323 for further information.

Pay monthly by Direct Debit

If you pay for 3 or more walks a week by monthly Direct Debit you will be offered the "Saturday Service" free of charge once a month.

Holiday Care Plan

Are you away from you furry friend for a week? Why not take advantage of our "Holiday Care Plan".

For £50 we will visit you cat to feed/water/toilet them twice a day for 7 days.


Where We Walk

Newcastle Pet Care primarily offer our services in the ST5 and ST4 areas but also cover Bignall End, Audley and Madeley.

Short dog walks can be tailored to your dogs needs , however the 1 hour dog walks are mainly in the following dog friendly areas.

Apedale Country Park , Chesterton | Bateswood Country Park , Halmerend | Silverdale Country Park | Hanchurch Woods | Bradwell Woods
Lyme Valley Parkway | Hartshill Parkway | Keele University | Bunny Hill